First In Flight Xcel Gymnasts Give Us Something to Celebrate at The Gala 2020!

All of our Xcel Gymnasts competed at The Gala 2020 in Asheville, NC the weekend of January 10th-12th.

This was a TOUGH meet but our girls still came out on top.

Here are the results!

Congratulations to First in Flight's Xcel Gold and Xcel Platinum Teams for finishing in First Place for the Team Competition at The Gala 2020!

Also, congratulations to the Xcel Silver Team! They finished as the 3rd Place Xcel Silver Team!

We had FOUR 1st Place All Around medals:

Sofia - Xcel Platinum - 37.125 - (2nd on Vault, 1st on Bars, 2nd on Beam, 3rd on Floor)

Anna Maria - Xcel Platinum - 36.7 - (2nd on Vault, 2nd on Bars, 3rd on Beam, 2nd on Floor)

Taegan - Xcel Gold - 36.625 - (1st on Bars, 1st on Beam)

Aiyana - Xcel Gold - 36.55 (2nd on Vault, 1st on Bars, 1st on Floor)

We had FOUR Silver All Around medals:

Sophia - Xcel Silver - 36.6 - (2nd on Vault, 2nd on Beam, 2nd on Floor)

Alicia - Xcel Gold - 36.5 - (1st on Vault, 2nd on Floor)

Rhyan - Xcel Gold - 36.35 - (1st on bars, 3rd on Beam, 2nd on Floor)

Carlie - Xcel Silver - 35.95 - (2nd on Vault)

We had FIVE Bronze All Around medals:

Savannah - Xcel Bronze - 37.675 - (3rd on Vault, 2nd on Bars, 2nd on Floor)

Pahola - Xcel Silver - 37.3 - (3rd on Vault, 1st on Bars, 1st on Floor)

Zoe - Xcel Platinum - 36.6 - (1st on Bars, 3rd on Beam, 2nd on Floor)

Elaina - Xcel Silver - 35.925 - (1st on Vault, 3rd on Beam)

Chloe - Xcel Gold - 35.65 - (2nd on Bars, 2nd on Floor)

We also had a LOT of individual event medalists:

Lilian - Xcel Bronze - 2nd on Bars

Avery B. - Xcel Silver - 2nd on Bars, 3rd on Beam

Emily - Xcel Bronze - 2nd on Beam

Sahory - Xcel Silver - 2nd on Vault

Anna Grace - Xcel Gold - 2nd on Vault, 1st on Floor

Karlie - Xcel Silver - 3rd on Vault, 3rd on Beam, 3rd on Floor

Helanea - Xcel Gold - 2nd on Beam

Sarah - Xcel Bronze - 3rd on Beam

Symone - Xcel Gold - 3rd on Floor

Ella - Xcel Silver - 3rd on Bars, 2nd on Floor

McKenna - Xcel Platinum - 2nd on Beam, 1st on Floor

Layni - Xcel Platinum - 1st on Vault

Kinley - Xcel Gold - 3rd on Floor

Congratulations to all of our gymnasts!

Full Meet Results Can Be Found Here:

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