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Heading into Post season-Full steam ahead- March 20-21, 2021

The 2021 State Championships for Level 3, 4 and Xcel Bronze were held this past weekend. The Final AAU qualifier of the season was also on the docket.

First In Flight is proud to congratulate Isabella Morales! Isabella is a 3 time NC State Champion winning the Gold Medal for level 4 this past weekend.

A handful of other FIF athletes sat atop the podium as well;

Lily Bumgardner - Level 3 - Silver Medal

Parrish Pennington - Level 3 - Silver Medal

Ayahnna Canty - Level 3 - Silver Medal

We are so proud of each and every First in Flight level 3 and 4 athlete for their hard work this season! A job well done!

Xcel Bronze had a fantastic showing at their virtual State Meet. Congratulations to Teagan Bass who is the 2021 Vault State Champion!!!

Full details and placements blow:

And finally, The AAU Qualifier went off without a hitch as they continue to prepare for their post season meets

There were 4 AA winners for this 3rd AAU qualifier. Excited to spotlight...

Taylor Anne Maleu - AAU Bronze

Blakely Bradford-Towle - AAU Bronze

Vienne Hoffard-Cosky - AAU Bronze

Brianna Tolbert - AAU Bronze

It was a weekend full of exciting competition as we inch closer to the Optional State Championships this coming weekend. This will be a virtual meet and we wish the athletes Luck and Safety as they continue to prepare.


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