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What is Ninja: 
HINT: Think of the great American Ninja Warrior competition!

Our ninja program is co-ed focusing on teaching children the skillset seen on "American Ninja Warrior". We start every ninja class with a comprehensive warmup consisting of strength training, specified muscle conditioning, ending with a dynamic and static stretch. 

Following our Ninja warmup time, the children will start on an obstacle course that will be switched up every two weeks following our recreational lesson plans. For our obstacle course, we do a five-minute practice round in order to let the ninjas work on the course before we time them. In timing our ninjas we record their personal bests on the board to challenge them to beat their personal scores from the week prior.  Our ninjas also work on the trampoline in order to teach air and spatial awareness. Ninja participants will also be able to work on our floor circuit designed to teach them how to safely roll, flip, jump, and land combined with agility training. 

First in Flight’s Ninja program is designed for children who enjoy sports and flipping without the precision that is focused on in artistic gymnastics and tumbling classes. We offer our co-ed Ninja classes for children ages 5-17 years old. 

Currently, we offer Ninja classes throughout the week in afternoons and evenings. 

Please visit our parent portal or contact us for class availability.  (Hours subject to change with the Spring Schedule)



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