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Our Star League Program is a year-round class for our recreational gymnasts who demonstrate a great attitude, good work ethic, and a desire to do gymnastics more than an hour a week. The Star League is made up of Starlets, Rising Stars, and Shooting Stars. The skill level for each of these groups is equal to our recreational groups.

While we want the athletes to have fun and enjoy gymnastics, the Star League Program is quite a bit more focused and structured than a typical recreational class. We do laugh a lot, and occasionally do fun things like go to the pit, swing on the pit bar, or jump on the trampoline. Even though those parts of the gym are super fun and seem like playtime; the time in those areas are used to help the girls get stronger and introduce them to different areas of the gym. Our intent is to keep a relaxed atmosphere while always keeping us focused and working. 

Star League Competition:

The Star League athletes will compete "in-house" twice a year here at First in Flight with their peers of the same skill level. This gives them a great opportunity to see what it is like to train and prepare specific level-appropriate skills and routines. There will be a competition leotard and goodies included with the competition fee. 

Advanced Placement:

Athletes from our Star League Program may eventually be invited to one of our competition teams. These teams travel and compete against other gyms in North Carolina and our Region (Region 8). The intention is to move them to a competitive team in the future. There will be an increased time commitment in doing so. 



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