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The Rocky Mount Rumble Kicks off the AAU and Xcel 2021 season in SC

It was a very successful first outing for FIF's AAU and Xcel teams at the Rocky Mount Rumble in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Congratulations to all the hard working athletes who competed, and to the parents and coaches for standing behind them as we wade through this year's competition season.

First In Flight had 6 gymnasts who made it to the top of the podium, taking 1st AA honors:

  • Blakely Brafford-Towle (AAU Br.)

  • Quinn Kauffman (AAU Br.)

  • Vienne Hoffard-Cosky (Xcel Sil.)

  • Aly Decker (Xcel Plat.)

  • Don'Yae Gardin-Newby (Xcel Gold)

  • Charlotte Smith (AAU Br.)

There were 12 gymnasts who posted 2nd and 3rd place finishes!

We are so proud of the athletes for the hard work and dedication that went in to getting ready for this season and expect to only go up from here!

AAU and Xcel had some fantastic team finishes as well, including:

  • AAU Silver -1st place

  • AAU Bronze - 1st place

  • Xcel Platinum - 1st place

  • Xcel Gold - 3rd place

Full results and pictures below:


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