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FIF Girls NC State Championship 2019

Our Level 6-10 girls competed in Greenville for the North Carolina State Championships, you can see full results here.

We are excited to share that Simone has been named to the NC Level 8 State Team!

Congratulations to Logan who is the STATE CHAMPION for Level 8 in her age division!

Silver AA Medals: Camden {level 7}, Aleka {level 10}, Piper {level 10}, Cally {level 10}, Kirsten {level 8}, Peyton {level 8}

Bronze AA Medals: Avery {level 7}, Simone {level 8}

Event State Champs:

Floor: Kylia {level 6}, Kylie {level 6}, Maddie {level 8}

Bars: Addyson {level 7}, Aleka {level 10}, Simone {level 8}, Camden {level 7}, Logan {level 8}, Cally {level 10}, Maddie {level 8}

Beam: Rylee {level 6}, Georgia {level 6}, Logan {level 8}, Pyper {level 9}, Sierra {level 8}

Vault: Logan {level 8}, Peyton {level 8}

Heading to REGIONALS...

Level 6: Georgia, Rylee, Kenleigh, Makayla, Kylia, Madeline, Kylie

Level 7: Camden, Zaria, Ambria, Patience, Katie Jo, Avery, Jayda

Level 8: Simone, Logan, Kirsten, Lydia, Paisley, Alexi, Sara James, Gioyvonna, Peyton, Maddie

Level 9: Pyper

Level 10: Aleka, Piper, Maeve, Cally

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