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FIF Hosts NC Boys Elite Camp

First in Flight hosted the NC Boys Elite Camp, filling the gym with many of the top gymnasts and coaches in the state for a day of intense training. This was the 3rd of 4 camps these athletes attend since qualifying at the NC State Championships in the spring of 2018. In each level, the top athletes in the All Around competition were selected to participate in these camps. The breakdown is listed below. FIF is honored to have 9 of our boys in this group; Joseph, Ethan, Ty, Gavin, Kyler, Ryan, Garrett, Jaden and Jonathan.

  • Top 5, Level 10 {age 17-18}

  • Top 5, Level 10 {age 15-16}

  • Top 5, Level 9 {age 13-14}

  • Top 6, Level 8 {age 11-12}

  • Top 6, Level 7 {age 9-11}

  • Top 6, Level 6 {age 8-10}

  • Top 6, Level 5 {age 7-9}

  • Top 8, Level 4 {age 6-8}

Photos from camp are below, what an honor it was to have so many talented gymnasts in one place for the day - training and growing together. Thanks to the coaches who came and spent the day training these boys!

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