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FIF Optional Boys Regional Championships 2018

Our Level 8, 9 & 10 boys competed in Jekyll Island, GA at the Region 8 Championships.

First in Flight is honored to announce that we have FOUR National Qualifiers - Joseph, Aidyn, Gavin and Kyler!!! These four boys will be heading to Oklahoma in May to compete!

Of those four we have our very first Junior Elite Qualifiers - Gavin and Kyler! Gavin & Kyler were also named to the Region 8 Elite Team - the top 8 in their entire level!

We would also like to congratulate Gavin for coming in 1st AA for level 9 in his age group! Aidyn took home the bronze in his age group for level 9! Congrats to Kyler for bringing home the silver for level 8 in his age group!

Congratulations to the following boys who now hold the regional champion title for an event in their age category...

  • Pommel ~ Kyler {level 8}, Gavin {level 9}

  • Vault ~ Matthias {level 8}

  • High Bar ~ Gavin {level 9}

The following boys placed in the top 10 for their level age group!

More pics from regionals...

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