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What is Acro & Tumbling?

HINT: It’s not acro dance or acrobatic gymnastics. 

Acro & Tumbling is a college sport that involves ‘stunts’ similar to what you see in cheerleading (Acro) and tumbling that includes some incredible power tumbling.

"Acrobatics & Tumbling was developed to provide fair and safe opportunities for young women to compete at the varsity intercollegiate level in skill sets primarily developed through youth participation in all disciplines of gymnastics or in cheerleading. Thirty-one institutions sponsor Acrobatics & Tumbling as a varsity sport on their campus, including six that added a program in 2019. Twenty-nine of the 31 institutions that sponsor acrobatics and tumbling are members of one of the three NCAA divisions. The NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics (CWA) has recommended that all three divisions of the NCAA governance structure add acrobatics and tumbling to the NCAA Emerging Sports for Women program." @thencata

There are college scholarship opportunities for Acro & Tumbling.

First in Flight offers what you might be considered an Acro & Tumbling ‘prep’ program. This is the ONLY program in our area like this. Through this program, our athletes learn all about Acro & Tumbling and work on the same skills that are used in college Acro & Tumbling. Even if your athlete is not considering competing in Acro & Tumbling in college, our program is a great way to improve skills they are working on in their gymnastics or Cheerleading training.

First in Flight’s Acro & Tumbling program has basic skills requirement of: Standing Tuck on Tumble Track, Roundoff Back Handspring Back Tuck on Tumble Track 

Currently, we practice 1 night a week. Wednesdays from 7:30pm-9:00 pm

(Hours subject to change with the Spring Schedule)



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To watch a GREAT Acro & Tumbling college match, click here to see Baylor VS Oregon Acro and Tumbling Championships!